Berlin Exhibitions
  • Myth of Germania – Vision and Crime

    Permanent Exhibition – Since 1997 the Berlin Underworld Association has researched the history of Berlin’s hidden city beneath its soil with the goal of further exploration into the development and documentation of historical structures. Through numerous tours the association attempts to provide vast insight into the rapid urban development of …
  • Data protection

    Visiting our website can result in information about the visit (date, time, pages accessed) being stored on our server. This does not constitute a compilation of personal data (e.g., name, address or e-mail address). Where personal data is collected, this only occurs – as far as possible – with the …
  • Membership fee regulations

    Resolution of the general meeting from August the 9th 2013 The membership fee is 72,-€ per year. The reduced fee is the half of it. Pupils, students, pensioners, trainees and recipients of unemployment benefit II and basic security benefits pay the reduced fee. The verification has to be provided. Married …
  • Election Procedure

    General Meeting's decision of August the 9th 2013
  • Statute of the Association

    Resolution of the general meeting from August the 9th 2013, listed on the 25th of October, 2013
  • New: Seminars in English

    in 2014 – One of our fascinating seminars is now available in English In 2014 we will offer for the first time one of our successful seminars in English In May and October 2014 we will devote two entire days to studying The Battle for Berlin, 1945 . Using a …
  • Events

    We thank you for your interest in wanting to organize an event with “Berliner Underworlds”. As follows we put together some of our organizational regulations as well as our conditions.
  • Registering for our seminars.

    If you are interested in joining one of our seminar, please download, complete and return the following form to; Berliner Unterwelten e.V. Seminare Brunnenstraße 105 13355 Berlin of Fax +49-30-49910519
  • The Battle for Berlin, 1945

    two day in-depth seminar examining the fall of Berlin – The 20th of April 1945 was a momentous day for Berlin. Not only did it mark the beginning of the Battle for Berlin but also the last day that Hitler left his bunker alive. By the time that General Weidling …
  • Seminars

    Discover the underworld with our experts. – The Berlin Underworld Association offers a range of seminars targeting various fascinating aspects of Berlin's history. Our two and five day workshops will be hosted by historians and other experts in their field. Participants working for companies in Germany should note that they …

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